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Florida Adoption Law Group, P.A. is a group of Attorney / Adoption entities who have provided services to biological and adoptive parents collectively in over 3000 adoptions. Our staff includes attorneys Jodi Sue Rutstein, M.S.W. J.D and Mary Ann Scherer R.N. J.D., clinical social workers, and legal professionals. Also on staff are adoptive family members, adoptees and some of our former birth mothers, who are all here to support and assist you in making your ideal adoption plan.

Our firm handles all aspects of adoption placement s well as helping parents from all cultural backgrounds and places in society who have chosen adoptive placement. There are many types of adoption plans we can perform to accommodate you from totally open to the totally closed and all areas in between. Whatever your priorities are, there is an Adoption plan just right for you. Careful planning and the proper selection of a professional is key to a successful and beautiful adoption plan.

Although we work with biological and adoptive families throughout the United States, our offices are located in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale Florida and generally our adoptions are finalized in Florida. However, we help biological and adoptive parents throughout the United States and abroad with various aspects of the adoption process.

Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or you are hoping to expand your family, we can provide you with an accurate overview of the process, specific information about adoption in Florida and answer any questions you need answered.

About Florida Adoption Law Group, P.A.

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