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I am pregnant. What do I want to do?

An unplanned pregnancy leads to many major decisions to make. Begin by asking yourself these questions:


  • Do I want to parent at this time-or a parent of another child?

  • If not, what options are available to me?

  • Can I parent this child and meet my own needs?

  • Can I meet the daily needs of parenting for this child?

  • Do I desire a positive result to an unplanned pregnancy?

  • Can I parent a special needs child?

What rights do I have as an Expectant Mother?

You have the right to:


  • Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

  • Make your decision free from the influence of others.

  • Parent the child, if that is your choice.

  • Be informed about options available to you.

  • Be able to participate in choosing the adoptive parent for your child, which can be a married couple or a single parent, and to personally meet them if desired.

  • Spend time with the baby, to feed the baby and name the baby before signing consent for Adoption.

  • Have counseling prior to consent signing and for six weeks after placement.

  • Have independent legal counsel attend your consent signing and to explain the process to you.

  • Have a copy of all documents you have signed.

  • Work with a licensed Adoption professional you desire who is authorized in the State to place a child for Adoption, including the right to change to another Adoption professional upon proper notice and reimbursement of any expenses paid.

  • Have information concerning the Adoption Reunion registry should you desire to contact the child at a future date.

  • Have information about the adoptive parent which will assist you in making the placement that you feel is in the best interest of your child.

What will the Adoption Entity, FLORIDA ADOPTION LAW GROUP, P.A., do for me?

We will:


  • Provide pre-adoptive and post-adoptive counseling to you.

  • Help you select and, if you so desire, meet an adoptive parent from profiles of waiting families.

  • Coordinate proper medical care

  • Coordinate transportation to and from your medical appointments related to the pregnancy.

  • Assist you with the payment of medical and reasonable living expenses including rent, electric, groceries, maternity clothing and transportation.

  • Treat you with respect and handle this process with complete confidentiality.

  • Supervise the placement of the child in the home of the adoptive parents until the Adoption is finalized.

What adoption options are available to me?

There are typically two different paths that an Expectant mother can follow. On one, an identified adoptive parent is chosen through mutual contact or through the assistance of an attorney or adoption agency. On the other, the expectant parent leaves the selection of an appropriate adoptive parent up to the adoption professional and usually there is no contact with the prospective adoptive parent by the biological parent. The nice part is that you will choose this path for yourself and we will respect your decision. This is your Adoption plan and we are here to help you.

What happens next?

You can learn about our waiting families, who have been carefully screened and pre-approved, by reading their letters, looking at their photos as well as speaking to them by telephone and in person. After a particular adoptive parent is chosen the parties formulate a plan with the assistance of the Adoption professional that makes each feel comfortable about the plan.


Further meetings are held to discuss medical and other information necessary to a safe and informed placement. An agreement can be made as to future contact with pictures and letters. Remember, this is your plan. It is important to discuss your desires with the professional staff and the adoptive parents so you feel comfortable that you are making the best decision for your child.

Counseling is a part of the Adoption process and will be offered to you. Although you may not feel a need for counseling, counseling will be offered to you if you desire it throughout the pregnancy. This counseling will continue after the placement of your child, if requested, according to Florida law.

We also have birth parent reunions where many of our former birth parents come together to share their experiences and we have adoptees, adoptive family members and former birth mothers all on staff who can also share their prospective with you.

Can a Biological Father participate in this process?

Birthfathers are very welcome and encouraged to participate in the formation of an Adoption plan. Many times it may be just the expectant mother making the Adoption plans because the birth father may not choose to participate in the Adoption plan. In that case if the birth father is identified and his residence is known, he will be sent notice of the Adoption plan.

Must the Expectant Mother reside in the State of Florida?

No. An Expectant Mother may reside in any State. We will coordinate the Adoption with appropriate professionals in the state of the Expectant Mother and provide services to her based on her state’s laws. We will work with all the Adoption professionals needed to ensure the safe transfer of the child from his or her home state to the state that the adoptive parent resides.

Can a Minor place a child for Adoption?

In the State of Florida, a Minor parent has the power to consent to the Adoption of his or her child and has the power to relinquish his or her control or custody over the child to an Adoption Entity. Such a consent or relinquishment is valid and has the same force and effect as a consent or relinquishment executed by an adult parent. Such a minor having executed a consent or relinquishment may not revoke that consent upon reaching the age of majority or otherwise becoming emancipated. A minor 14 years or younger, however, must have a parent legal guardian or court appointed guardian to assist and advise the parent as to the Adoption plan and to witness consent.

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FAQs for the Expectant Mother

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